What’s hot in April ?

And with several days hitting the 30 degree celsius plus mark, and bushfires burning away on the outskirts of Sydney – this title is literally on point.

We’re hitting the second half of April where we go all nationalistic for Anzac Day, we run into the Sydney Comedy Festival, starting on April 23rd, and the Sydney Writers Festival starts knocking on the door from April 30th.

But first, for local Eastern Suburbs cinephiles, Randwick Ritz Cinema is holding a Stanley Kubrick retrospective where they are screening all his films in the original film print this month.

You’ve already missed Dr Strangelove, and 2001 Space Odyssey, but Clockwork Orange is screening next Sunday and Monday, and the following week you get Full Metal Jacket on April 29th and 30th.  Kubrick films were made for the cinema screen experience so come along to one of these sessions if you want the full Kubrick immersion.

Like fancy dress ? Collecting costumes ? Then get your backside over to The Sydney Costume sale at 51 Railway Parade, Marrickville on Friday 20th April from 6pm – 10pm, or go on Saturday 21st April from 9am – 2pm.

If you’re feeling environmental or having a surge of consciousness – then the Earth Festival at the Royal Botanical Gardens on the weekend of the 20th and 21st April might be the thing for you. There’s a vegan tattoo stall, organic makeup and skin care, workshops and vegan food stalls. Tickets are $9.95 online or $15 at the door.

The Sydney Comedy Festival will kick off with their comedy gala at the Opera House but when you’re on a budget, my idea is to go for the upcoming names, and pick an event where you get several comedians for the price of one entry ticket.  The usual names are there : Kitty Flanagan, Cameron James,  Matt Okine, Luke Heggie, Craig Hill etc.

It’s the rising stars one should look out for.  And the SCF has you covered with events like: Eg. ‘Funniest Comedians you’ve never heard of ‘, ‘Break Out’ comedy showcase events etc.

Several of these events seep into May as well, so get cracking.



march in March

As autumn slowly unwinds it’s cooler tendrils upon us, it’s a good month to get active and get educated.

For filmmakers and content creators, you’ve got the ‘Film, Television and the Law’ panel event hosted by Arts Law at Giant Dwarf tomorrow night on the 21st March. With speakers from SBS, and Emerald Productions, amongst others, this is the perfect opportunity to ask those tricky questions you had about protecting your concept, future proofing, usage rights etc. The event kicks off at 7pm, and at $35 a pop, it’s probably the cheapest legal advice you’ll ever get.

On Friday afternoon, from 1-5pm, AFTRS is hosting a special masterclass for the producers and film business types who want to know the state of affairs in sales and distribution overseas.

Called the ‘Film and TV Export Market masterclass’, it promises to cover pitching content to international buyers, look at who is buying content and what kind of content they are after, international co-production collaborations and how govt grants can help with the export side of your business. It does cost a hefty $180 but in light of the recent conversations creatives have had over social media concerning the general ignorance of filmmakers about the film business, maybe it’s worth coughing up the money to see him.

On Sunday the 24th March, it’s time to march in March at a #Time2Choose rally at NSW Parliament at midday.  It’s about putting pressure on our state politicians to start acting to help the environment and invest in renewal energy.

At a time when seasonal temperatures are hitting record highs, and Australia has one of the leading rates of animal extinctions, it’s appalling that governments are trying to fund coal powered projects and shafting renewables.

If you want to send a message to our regressive state government, then turning up on Sunday is a good idea. Otherwise writing a letter or signing a petition is still better than doing nothing.