If you asked her, Gita Irwin would say she’s a complex Monty Pythonesque kinda person who does all kinds of things that range from hard-hitting pieces to satirical commentary, and thoughtful philosophical work to whacky comedy pieces – which is why she’s called this site ‘Awesome Stuff that Matters’.

She’s an avid swimmer, a failed vegan [who is still trying], and a total nature lover who also owns [or is owned] by a cat.  She haunts antique shops, tortures people with her singing on the karaoke stage, and has been known to travel miles for the perfect chai tea.

But first and foremost – Gita Irwin is a content creator.  She’s an award winning filmmaker, a radio show producer, and a literary pugilist.  


She has produced web series, short films and documentaries.  She has written film scripts and currently has a number of projects including a fantasy-horror film, a cat documentary, and a supernatural comedy TV series, in development.

The last web series she produced, Attack Attack Art, a comedy satire on the vain and egotistic arts scene, won the gold statue at DC Webfest in Washington DC, and top prize at   Seattle WebFest and was a finalist in Web Fest New York and in LA.

You can watch it here on the official website :

Attack Attack art web site with the show on it. Watch it now !

Gita Irwin has experience in running productions and has worked in production management and coordination. With a background in finance, and a broad range of other experience including a stint in marketing, hospitality, event management, and a role as a publicist – Gita is a confident public speaker and organizer who oversees projects from development to delivery.

The short films she’s produced have screened around the world, in Asia, Europe and the USA, in the international film festival circuit.

‘3 Minutes’, the short relationship drama film she produced, screened at the Reel Love Film Festival in California, and was a finalist at the Catharsis Film Festival in Belgium. ‘3 Minutes’ was also short listed for Tropfest that year.

You can watch that here:

‘3 Minutes’ the short film.

The acclaimed sci-fi comedy short, Grandfather Paradox, that Gita produced, was a finalist at the Sci-Fi Film Festival in Sydney, and screened at dozens of high profile international film festivals including the DC Washington Shorts Film Festival, and the Sunrise Film Festival in Canada.

It’s now available online here:

Grandfather Paradox – short film

A link to Gita Irwin’s producing and crew roles on films can be found here:

IMDb credits of Gita’s film and online work. It’s kinda like a CV really but missing the TV crew PA and art dept stuff I’ve done.



Gita Irwin has also written short stories, poems and articles which have been published in literary journals including the Bondi Tides Anthology.  She is currently writing her first fiction novel ‘Playing with Fire’ in her spare time.

Her writing isn’t all purely creative. Her skill also includes writing film project treatments and proposals for private and public funding, and crafting marketable sales pitches – Gita Irwin was the NSW finalist for the SPAA Fringe Pitching Competition in 2009.



Gita Irwin recently completed a Certificate 4 in Radio at Ultimo TAFE. She interned at the ABC on their Nightlife radio show in 2017, where she got to work with presenters, Phillip  Clark, and Sarah MacDonald, under the supervision of senior producer, Suzanne Hill.

She’s currently putting together a podcast about women forging ahead in industry called ‘She Persevered’.  More news about that later as it develops.


So that’s the important stuff about Gita Irwin in a nutshell. There’s other stuff like her environmental activism, volunteering at animal shelters and copious consumption of pricey gourmet chocolate, but you don’t need to see that, right ?  A girl’s gotta keep some mystery !

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